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Primorsk TerminalPrimorsk Terminal

The structure of stand alone units for lease in the Primorsk region consists of reservoirs with a total of 9 500 m3. We carry out the reception-release of oil products.

The  Fuel Oil Terminal, located on a sea, which provides an alternative southern export route for East European fuel oil. It complements storage of tank farm holds in the region.

The terminal has an oil tank farm for simultaneous storage of 8 000 m3 of oil products, a berth for tankers and bunker barges of up to 3 500 dwt, oil pumps and pipelines.;

At the terminal the oil products can be discharged from sea-going vessels and loaded into them, as well as shipped by car trucks to hinterland consumers. The terminal is equipped with all the necessary facilities for fire-protection and environmental safety.

The estimated output of the terminal is not less than 100 000 tons of oil products per year.

Taking the petroleum products in the storage, we will provide preservation the product quality.

This enterprise put into operation a new technology for discharging of high viscosity fuel oils from the railway tank-cars.

As per the technology applied, heating and discharge of cold fuel oil cargoes is achieved by injecting of hot fuel oils of same grade which practically eliminates watering of fuel oils.

Our enterprise have switched the heating of fuel oil pipelines from steam to electrical power and to employ a special on-shore blender to produce bunker fuels of required viscosity also by volumes of cargo loads.

Presently, the acquired oil depot consists of:

an oil tank farm with the total storage capacity of 220 000 m3 (to be expanded);

a wide network of internal railways with a total length of 9 km and a capacity to accept 170 railway tank-cars simultaneously;

an automated blending unit for production of bunker fuels of prescribed viscosity with the blending capacity of 250 m3 per hour;

a waterfront of 3 berths, one of which is the biggest in the Far East to accommodate tankers up to 80 000 dwt.

Our Activities

  • Shore Tanks Leasing.
  • Transportation Through Pipe Line.
  • control of loading and unloading cargo at the port.
  • Oil and Gas POP confirmation.

Working With Us

Although we are one of the large operators in the industry, we maintain the flexible, diverse organization of a small company. Each site is unique and features positions specific to location and capability presenting constant opportunities for professional growth and significant individual contribution to the company vision.

LPG Storage

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  has LPG storage facilities in various terminals throughout Rotterdam, Russian and Houston with a total capacity of over 1,900,000 M3. All gas storage facilities were built according to international standards (API and ASTM) and are epoxy coated.