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In 2013, Benetanker Chartering B.V.  passed re-certification for compliance with the ISO 9001:2012 Quality Management Systems, which proves impeccable organization of business processes at the company at all stage since the initial certification in December 2011. Another criterion of the terminal’s work that proves that the company offers a guaranteed stable high quality level of service to its clients are auditor’s reports of Shåll and BP, which have done multiple technical audits of compliance of the terminal’s business processes with these companies’ requirements to occupational safety and environmental standards.


We are proud to have received a number of prestigious awards for its outstanding commitment to health and safety and quality management.

  • Russia Safety Council National Safety Award – achieved annually since 2012
  • Russia Order of Distinction – Consecutive Gold Awards achieved since 2014
  • Quality Management System Accredited to ISO 9001:2011
  • Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001: 2013
  • Quality Management System conforming with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Membership of the Russia Federation Safety Council
  • Nominated for Employer of the Year Euro Asia 2014
  • EN ISO 3834 Quality Requirements for Welding certification

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  are located in the industrial zones of Rotterdam - Netherland, Primorsk - Russia and Houston - USA Seaports with the capacity of the reception, storage and delivery of petroleum products. Our giant Tank farms control towers, company’s reservoirs or Reservoir park comprises of more than 9,854,668 m3 in ports consisting of RGS tanks in number of 231 pieces close to terminals. Our Tanks are designed for various grades of petroleum products and equipped with the standard heating and temperature-controlled devices.

Despite the fact that we regulate all tank farms operations we on our own have a unique network of storage and distribution equipments through our specialized railcar as one of the leading private railcar owner, across the Russian Federation.

The pumping of the petroleum products into the tankers, consist of one complex ASN-10VNG module 4-4, which allows the petroleum products to be simultaneously discharged from 4 bulk struts to 4 types of petroleum products and providing the commercial account in units of mass. There is the test laboratory equipped with the modern equipment and allowing carrying out analyses of tests of petroleum products on the list of indicators of quality in compliance with the leading documents.


Environment protection measures are planned and implemented on a regular basis at Benetanker Chartering B.V. The expenses on environment protection and operation of the company’s environment protection facilities are 501RUB million per year.

Spill Prevention

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  pays special attention to prevention and liquidation of consequences of oil product spills and prevention of their negative effect on the environment.

All process equipment has modern means for oil product spill prevention and diagnostics of any leaks. Mobile spill liquidation kits and sorbent reserve make it possible to eliminate local oil product spills quickly. The company has an Oil Spill Liquidation plan designed and approved, according to which certified professional emergency rescue teams work on prevention of emergencies related to oil product spills.

Water Treatment Facilities

Water treatment facilities are a priority of our environment protection.

They treat our own process and surface wastewater as well as oil-containing water from ships arriving to our terminals and tank farm . In total, this is several hundred thousand cubic meters of polluted water, which is cleaned by our facilities before being discharged in an open water reservoir.

The multi-step wastewater treatment system at Benetanker Chartering B.V. includes the following:

  • preliminary cleaning from suspended matters and oil products with sedimentation;
  • pressure flotation;
  • membrane cleaning from oil products on ultra filtration plans;

deep cleaning on deferrizing filters and sorption filters with automatic control of the quality of water that is charged in the water area.

Treatment of industrial wastewater according to this plan makes it possible to produce water than meets the strict requirements for discharge in open water areas, and its content of impurities is much lower than background concentrations of these substances in the Neva Bay water area.

The best proof of the quality of the discharged water is an aquarium in the treatment facilities laboratory. Fish feel fine in water that has passed through Benetanker Chartering B.V.’s treatment facilities.

Risky Management

The Company routinely develops and implements actions aimed at the prevention and reduction of work-related accidents.

Also Benetanker Chartering B.V. has put strong focus on pipeline transport system reliability assurance. The Company implements a number of critical measures aimed at reducing and avoiding pipeline failures (such as faulty stock replacement and repairs, diagnostics, corrosion protection, cleaning). We continuously seek for most efficient pipe materials, protective coatings assuring the required length of service.

Our Activities

  • Shore Tanks Leasing.
  • Transportation Through Pipe Line.
  • control of loading and unloading cargo at the port.
  • Oil and Gas POP confirmation.

Working With Us

Although we are one of the large operators in the industry, we maintain the flexible, diverse organization of a small company. Each site is unique and features positions specific to location and capability presenting constant opportunities for professional growth and significant individual contribution to the company vision.

LPG Storage

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  has LPG storage facilities in various terminals throughout Rotterdam, Russian and Houston with a total capacity of over 1,900,000 M3. All gas storage facilities were built according to international standards (API and ASTM) and are epoxy coated.