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Community Involvement and Social Responsibility 

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  board, management and staff are committed to environmental, community and social responsibility. Benetanker Chartering B.V.  works closely with local authorities and community groups, and takes great pride in contributing and supporting the communities in close proximity to Benetanker Chartering B.V.  facilities. 

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  recognises education as an essential factor in shaping future generations and thus generously supports educational programs within the communities. Additionally, Benetanker Chartering B.V.  tends to other social needs including, donating funds to charities, medical equipment to those in need, computers to disadvantaged communities and sponsoring outstanding athletes. Benetanker Chartering B.V.  strives to leave a lasting impact on generations to come. Environmental Protection and Safety 

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  with its efficient control, prevention and management systems maintains the strictest international ecological, environmental and safety standards on land and at sea. The Company is highly aware of the need to invest considerable resources in environmental protection and safety, in particular leak detection systems and fire prevention, detection and extinguishing systems.



Providing quality services in the shipping market, especially tanker, which require strict compliance with the safe operation of ships and protection of the environment, can not be without a professional team, aiming at a high level of service quality. Competent and qualified staff – one of the fundamental values that ensure stable positive results, sustainable development and an important competitive advantage Benetanker Chartering B.V. 
This year, the implementation of personnel policy carried out in the following areas:
  • maintenance crews and shore units with highly qualified personnel capable of solving industrial problems of any complexity;
  • improving the system of education, skills development in order to maintain high levels of professional staff;
  • create conditions for the development and promotion of skilled, creative, dedicated professionals of the company;
  • improvement of the material and non-material motivation, capable of supporting the high results of his work, raising the level of professional competence and commitment to the goals and interests of the company;
  • further development of the management team that meets international standards, focused on the needs of customers and partners;
  • сorporate culture.
Staff motivationIn order to implement measures to ensure the crew qualified personnel, the Company on a regular basis, analyses the quality of the staff, turnover, market monitoring, maritime employment, the results of which are submitted to the consideration of proposals for improving the system of remuneration and motivation. The company has a system of bonuses for performance of senior officers.
Considerable attention is paid to the development of programs designed to increase the attractiveness of work on ships and shore units Benetanker Chartering B.V.  In the current work was carried out on career planning staff of the development of the reserve list for promotion to the senior commanding officers of ships and higher professional positions onshore staff.
Working with young professionalsTo attract young skilled employees, Benetanker Chartering B.V.  has expanded cooperation with Russian marine educational institutions. The program of cooperation includes participation in the training and education of future professionals, the annual organization of the swimming practice, and regular meetings with students of educational institutions in order to clarify the company’s policy in the field of employment, wages, social security, career prospects.
Considering the needs of the terminal for employees of certain specialties, Benetanker Chartering B.V. conducts courses of initial vocational education in “Operators 2 classes – minder 2 class.” In 2011, the Company terminal direct 12 of intern-trainee operator-minder and their subsequent employment.
Workforce developmentDevelopment and staff development is one of the main areas of personnel policy Benetanker Chartering B.V.  and shall be based on long-term goals of the company, the requirements of international conventions and internal company policies. Company invests heavily in staff training, creating conditions for professional development. Employees of crew and staff of the Company’s divisions promptly receive advanced training in the Benetanker Chartering B.V.  regularly attend seminars, organized by the company.

​In this year Benetanker Chartering B.V. provided:
  • additional payments to shore personnel in the form of interest to the next the leave;
  • pay additional monthly benefits to women who are on leave to care for a child;
  • provide direct financial assistance to workers and veterans of the company.

Our Activities

  • Shore Tanks Leasing.
  • Transportation Through Pipe Line.
  • control of loading and unloading cargo at the port.
  • Oil and Gas POP confirmation.

Working With Us

Although we are one of the large operators in the industry, we maintain the flexible, diverse organization of a small company. Each site is unique and features positions specific to location and capability presenting constant opportunities for professional growth and significant individual contribution to the company vision.

LPG Storage

Benetanker Chartering B.V.  has LPG storage facilities in various terminals throughout Rotterdam, Russian and Houston with a total capacity of over 1,900,000 M3. All gas storage facilities were built according to international standards (API and ASTM) and are epoxy coated.